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As a new business, I don't have client referrals to share with you quite yet.  I can only share character references and hope you see how you can trust me through these kind words from people in other parts of my life. You can find those below.  I also encourage you to read the reviews left for me by clients from my other business, Kayak the Creek.  You can find those here:   Thank you for your consideration of myself and of Snowy Owl Home Watch. I will treat your home as I would want mine treated.

Jane Severson
“Tamara is my first call when  I’m in need of something! She is my go-to person because she is knowledgeable, reliable, conscientious, caring and has an attention to detail.  She wants to make sure things are done right and that is a rare find!”

Jan Russell
“I have worked with Tamara for nearly 20 years.  Her attention to detail and care she puts into every task she does is awe inspiring.  Every i is dotted and t crossed, with genuine gracious consideration.  She brings capability and tenacity to every endeavor she engages in."

Susan Schneck
“So excited for Tamara’s new business. She is so trustworthy and detailed, I’ll look forward to leaving my home in her hands."

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