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Press & Testimonials

February 23, 2023

Kare 11 featured Snowy Owl Home Watch in their Behind the Business segment.  Click on the image to watch the segment.

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Edina Magazine featured Snowy Owl Home Watch in their October 2023 issue.  Click on the image to read the article.

As a new small business, I rely on referrals and good reviews. You can find those below.  I also encourage you to read the reviews left for me by clients from my other business, Kayak the Creek.  You can find those here:   Thank you for your consideration of myself and of Snowy Owl Home Watch. I will treat your home as I would want mine treated.

Emily W.
"Tamara and the team at Snowy Owl was careful, thorough, discreet, and diligent while looking after our home while we were away for the winter. We could rest easy knowing our mail was in, our plants were watered, and our home was secure. Their reports on our home’s status were so thorough that they even located some issues of needed maintenance that we hadn’t previously realized! We recommend them to anyone who is in need of peace of mind and security while away from home for long and short periods of time!”

Ralph R.
"We have had Snowy Owl watch over our home twice now. Working with Tamara has been very easy. She is very professional: knowledgeable about what is needed to keep a home safe and secure, and about how to avoid preventable disasters. She is very reliable and sent us reports about services provided and the condition of our home. We found it very reassuring to know that our house was in her good hands while were away. Snowy Owl provided us with a needed service: While family and neighbors are glad to keep an eye on our house if asked to do so, it is an extra burden as they go about their busy lives. We prefer to shift that responsibility to Snowy Owl, secure in the knowledge that our home will be protected with Tamara’s consistent and reliable attention."

Paula S.
"I spent this winter, January through April, in Florida - away from my MN home.  I hired Snowy Owl home watch 
so that I could rest, relax and not worry about leaving my home vacant.  Tamara Nugteren, the owner of the company personally visited my home every 2 weeks and then sent me via email, a detailed report of every detail in my home.  When a problem occurred with a window lock, she contacted a handyman and met him at the property to repair.  When my regular snow plow contractor didn’t show up and the snow was piling up, she gave me a new contact who I hired to have the snow removed.  When the driveway and walkway  were icy, she scattered “ice melt” so that it would not be a problem.  She alerted me to mail that was delivered despite the fact that I had my mail forwarded.  In her report, she included photos of any problem areas as well as the thermostat so that I could see for myself at what temperature it was set. I felt her attention to detail and ability to follow up on any issues were well worth the cost.
 I would highly recommend Snowy Owl for anyone leaving their home vacant for more than a week.  So many things can go wrong in a vacant home - knowing I will be coming home after a 4 month absence and that I won’t be faced with any surprises made my investment well worth it."

Jane Severson
“Tamara is my first call when I’m in need of something! She is my go-to person because she is knowledgeable, reliable, conscientious, caring and has an attention to detail.  She wants to make sure things are done right and that is a rare find!”

Jan Russell
“I have worked with Tamara for nearly 20 years.  Her attention to detail and care she puts into every task she does is awe inspiring.  Every i is dotted and t crossed, with genuine gracious consideration.  She brings capability and tenacity to every endeavor she engages in."

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