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For your peace of mind and ours: 
Snowy Owl Home Watch is fully insured & bonded and accredited by the National Home Watch Association. Any 
employees are background checked.  Additionally, Tamara is a Certified Home Watch Professional.

Serving the Twin Cities areas of St Louis Park, Hopkins, Golden Valley, Edina,
Minnetonka, South &Western Minneapolis, Plymouth, Wayzata and surrounding areas.

Snowy Owl Home Watch uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT.  The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that corresponding to the report’s creation.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.

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Certification #: 10230353

Regular home-monitoring and risk mitigation visits - including, but not limited to:

Interior of home:

  • Ensure security system is functioning (if needed)

  • Change fire/smoke/CO2 alarm batteries, as needed (if reachable)

  • Monitor e-bike batteries*

  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats

  • Check temperature in refrigerators & freezers

  • Check for vandalism of any kind

  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation and mitigate problems as needed

  • Check for water leaks (floors, ceilings, all sinks, toilets, appliances)

  • Turn on water, run water in sinks and baths – check under sinks and flush stagnant water in toilets

  • Run garbage disposal, if applicable

  • Check windows and doors for damage and locks

  • Check for pooling window condensation (winter)

  • Check for signs of water due to ice dams (winter)

  • Check timer lights, change bulbs as needed.

  • Check breaker box

  • Check water heater/water system

  • Inspect air filter(s), change as needed

  • Water plants

      * E-bike batteries need to be checked monthly while in storage and they need the​ir charge kept at a very specific level.             Failure to do so will minimize the longevitiy of the battery.

Exterior of home:

  • Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door. Forward mail as needed

  • Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and branches

  • Monitor landscaping, including verification of contracted lawn care & snow removal.

  • Perform visual inspection of siding, roof, and gutters for obvious issues including storm damage and visible ice dams (from the ground)

  • Check for drainage issues

  • Check doors, windows and out buildings for signs of break-in

  • Inspect for vandalism

  • Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence

  • Check exterior lighting, change bulbs, as needed

  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues, as needed

  • Check storage sheds and garages, as needed

  • Storm checks

  • Keep front entrance free of debris and snow so it continues to look as if someone is home

Concierge services available. 

  • Home project oversight/contractor liaison

  • Errands

  • Key holder services

  • Plant watering

  • Vendor/Contractor key-in service

  • Appointment management of HVAC & water heater maintenance, spring & fall landscaping clean-ups, window washing, chimney inspection and sweeping and others.

  • Grocery shopping and/or load in before homeowner return.

  • Package pick up

  • Homeowner requested visit, misc.

  • Pool/spa monitoring

  • Remodel/Project management

  • E-bike battery care/monitoring

  • Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask!

Short term/ vacation services available.

Note: Snowy Owl Home Watch is NOT a house sitter.  We do not stay in your home and do not care for pets. SOHW is a risk mitigation company, protecting your largest investment with a regular presence on site to check for small issues before they become big issues. 

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