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Relocation & Senior Move Services

Home watch is defined as “a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.” * 

When you hear the term “Home Watch”, it might conjure up ideas of people laying on a beach for the winter. While that is the inspiration for home watch businesses, there are other situations where we can help.


One of our areas of expertise is helping families when they are relocating for work or moving a loved one into a senior living residence. Whether a family is making decisions to move across the a ocean or move a loved one into a new home, it can be stressful. It might be planned or it might be a sudden move. One of the areas that can cause a lot of stress and concern is the house. This is where Home Watch comes in to ease that stress and worry.

We are able to jump in quickly to provide regular visits to the home, ensuring that it is maintained. Unoccupied homes can quickly divulge into massive problems with break-ins, equipment failures, pests and storm or water damage. We do thorough interior and exterior visual inspections looking for obvious issues, preventing and solving problems. We then send an immediate, detailed report with photos and notes to the homeowner and/or family members, keeping them updated. This is an especially helpful resource when families or homeowners are not local. We make sure things are working properly and maintained until the family returns or decides what to do next with the property. 

Our services take a huge burden the family, whose focus needs be transitioning to a new job, country or a loved one into a new home.  This gives them peace of mind and breathing room to figure out next steps.  When/if the time comes to get the house ready to sell, we can be a resource to meet contractors, realtors, service providers and help with other preparations.  Peace of mind for all involved.


Certification #: 10230353

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