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Home watch is defined as “a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.” *

As a longtime homeowner in St. Louis Park—and as the daughter of an insurance agent—I know how many small things can cause huge financial damages quickly in a home or condo. And that is when someone is home.  


But what about when no one is there? 

Or when the property owner has already moved on?

When the property is under contract, but hasn't yet closed?

Who is keeping an eye out for potential problems during that period of waiting? 

It’s the realtor, of course.

But do you have time for that? Are you thorough?


I would guess NO and NO.  


Snowy Owl Home Watch is fully accredited by the National Home Watch Association, insured, bonded and all employees are background checked. Let us do the check-ins, saving you valuable time to do your actual job. Selling properties.


Service areas include Edina, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, Wayzata, Plymouth, portions of Minnetonka, portions of Minneapolis, and surrounding areas. 


Leaving these big investments unchecked (or infrequently/improperly checked) is a recipe for disaster. It’s not just the pipes freezing or water problems that people think of first. It’s also storm damage, ice dams, pests of all types, break-ins, unlocked doors and other security issues. Small issues can develop into big issues quickly, causing chaos and stalling sales. Almost always at a high financial cost.


Any issues found by Snowy Owl will be dealt with promptly and the homeowner or realtor alerted so they can be taken care of before they become a big issue. Your clients will be grateful.


Thank you for your consideration.  

I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact me for a free consultation regarding your needs. See links below.


Tamara Nugteren    


FB and Instagram: @snowyowlhomewatch  



*Not to be confused with licensed building inspectors or house sitters.

Buckets catching water leaks
Large hole in house window
Tree fallen on house
Information specific to your needs:
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